There are many ways to sponsor the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society. Working with the NLTHS can help your company to deliver its corportate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. Demonstrate your commitment to the community by sponsoring a museum event!

Corporate Sponsors contribute funds and expertise to the Museum. This involvement and financial support is a mutually beneficial partnership that sustains the Museum and gives significant visibility and recognition to the corporation for supporting the Gatekeeper's Museum, a respected and treasured institution.

Event Sponsorship

​Special days and events at the Museum offer excellent sponsorship opportunities with high visibility to a wide audience.

Sponsorship's' range from $100–$3,000.

  • The Gathering at the Gatekeeper's: Our largest fundraising event at which we hold live and silent auctions at William B. Layton Park

  • Home Tour: This event is dedicated to showcasing the stunning homes in North Lake Tahoe. Sponsor this event to have your logo and merchandise on display in front of a featured home or at our after Home Tour lunch at William B. Layton Park

  • Weekly Public Community Events: These Summer 2019 weekly events will include yoga and self defense class, an Arts & Crafts Fair, Wine Night at the Museum, hikes to Skunk Harbor, Donner Summit, and Fallen Leaf Lake with Paul Ackerman.

In Kind

Sponsorship comes in many forms. You can donate raffle prizes such as a destination vacation or local cabin rental for a weekend, high-end product baskets, gift certificates and other luxury items.

Know that your in-kind donation helps to offset the cost of the event and ultimately directs more proceeds to the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society.