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Our new and expanded Education Program cultivates an inspired love of culture and local history.

Students from preschool through 12th grade are invited to access free educational and interactive tours hosted by trained museum staff and volunteers. Thanks to our members and volunteers, the Gatekeeper’s Museum hosts approximately 600 students from surrounding schools for free each year.


We also offer educational outreach where members of our museum visit the classroom with lesson plans, touch and feel boxes and activities to help students better understand the importance of learning about history, culture, archeology, museum practices and art. 

In the upcoming 2024 year, we plan to expand our Education Program by adding more trained outreach educators to our staff. Additionally, we plan to implement an afterschool program during the upcoming 2024/2025 school year which will offer students a safe space to participate in art and science projects, exhibit installation and outdoor activities. Our 2024 education program will also include a summer camp and teen escape room events.


Donate now to help us keep the costs minimal for our new education initiative. 

To book a free tour with your class or have one of our education outreach specialists visit your school, email us at or call us at 530-583-1762. 

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