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Our Permanent Collections are always on display and available to view during regular museum hours.


Marion Steinbach Native American Basket Collection

The Marion Steinbach Native American Basket Collection consists of more than 700 baskets from Tahoe native peoples of Western North America. Approximately 270 baskets and Native American artifacts are on permanent display, a majority of which were originally collected by Marion Steinbach. The collection consists of utilitarian baskets made for fishing and hunting, food gathering and preparation, as well as ceremonial and storage purposes. Most of the baskets in the collection were made between 1890-1940.


After Marion Steinbach's death, in 1992,  her widower, Henry A. Steinbach, gifted Marion's impressive collection of Native American basketry to the NLTHS. The collection was donated on condition that a facility be provided for their display. Thanks to the generosity of the local community, the NLTHS built a modern annex attached to the Gatekeeper's Museum to house and display the collection. The Edward S. Barnett building containing the Marion Steinbach Basket Collection opened in June 1995.

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On The Lake

Maritime Collection

Come explore Lake Tahoe's rich maritime history with this permanent exhibit new to the Gatekeeper's Museum. From the Washoe people (The Lake's first stewards) to lumbering, schooners, steamers, motor boats and regattas, this exhibit has a plethora of information and artifacts to learn about being "On the Lake." Artifacts from the SS Tahoe, Marian B., Captain Ernest Pomin and a 1930's original outboard motor highlight the exhibit. 

Lake Tahoe's Natural History

Learn about Lake Tahoe's Natural History with our “Touch and Feel Bear Exhibit.” Featuring an interactive video and the opportunity to touch a real bear hide. Learn about Tahoe bears during the Ice Age and how they evolved to become Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. 

Natural History_1754 EDIT.jpg
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Lake Tahoe in the Movies

An interactive exhibit staring Lake Tahoe! Featuring an original 1920's movie projector from the Tahoe Tavern Resort, original set and costume design images from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, private notes from locals who were on set, newspaper articles about local extras and – the highlight of the exhibit – a short film created by Patrick Yun.

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