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Digital Resources

Here's where you'll find our digital content available for research and study. If you want to use these for your projects, please contact us to see if licensing is available.



The Tahoe Tattler was Tahoe City's newspaper published (more off than on) from 1881 to 1959.  In 2021, the Gatekeeper's Museum sent original copies of the Tattler to UC Riverside to be scanned and digitized. They are now available for all to search online!


Search the Tahoe Tattler digitally on the California Digital Newspaper Collection website

Gatekeeper's Gazette Archives

Summer 2021

Fall 2020

Essays & Monographs

The Quest to Protect California's Transcontinental Railroad Tunnels 

Featured in Smithsonian Magazine, January 2022

Oral Histories

These are recorded audio interviews with people who are important and have knowledge of our cultural history


Thelma Saunders Baldry #1, July 6, 1988

Thelma Saunders Baldry #2, July 6, 1988

David Bienert #1, May 7, 1992

David Bienert #2, unknown date

Bill Briner #3, June 18 1995

Tom Cannon, Tahoma, August 2019

Clegg, Lindsay Towne, Nov 12 1989
Turner, Locke "Remembrances of Rubicona Comstock Eden #2, Nov 13 1985

Harriet Henderson, April 6 and May 7, 1992

Dorothy Z. Johanson, Sept 23, 1989

Ernie Pomin #1, 1966

Ernie Pomin #2, 1966

Ernie Pomin #3, 1966 

Ernie Pomin #4, 1966

Locke Turner, Remembrances of Rubicon 

Locke Turner, Rememberances of Rubicon, 1994

"Rose, Henry Holly, Jr.," March 21, 1992

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